So this happened on facebook today….



Chicago. It’s so strange to have a name for the place that was always just home to me. It makes the city smaller in my mind.

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I’m excited for that Hyrule Warriors game that was announced back in December… until I realized I don’t own a Wii U hahaha.

Also blue scarf Link is the best. @U@ <33333

When the trumpets take over the melody



Note: if your chinchilla makes this face when you pet her, you’re doing it right. #chinchilla #cute #cutepets

Petting the chinchilla! Also, she cleans her whiskers at the the end and it’s ADORABLE. #chinchilla #cute #pets #cutepets

Zomg want

"Oh, are you trying to get your room organized? Here, let me lay on all of your stuff." #cutepets #nothelpful #dog #puppy #cute #pit

Desert: almond milk, spinach, banana, strawberry smoothie! I defy anyone to have a healthier desert than me! (Note: the almond milk was also unsweetened)

I think my #chinchilla was trying to cuddle with my #cat …whaaaaat?!? #cute overload

I will never ever ever understand how I can get a coffee while I study, and as I drink get more and more tired. Magical elixir of awakeness, why do you betray me?!

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up, go to the bathroom to take a shower, aaaaaand…. #snake #boa


If I don’t reblog this just assume I died.

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Yeah seriously, she’s that smart. Even when I attempted to barricade the door! #chinchilla #smart #cutepets #nextworlddomination